If you lost your mind grapes over those Thor: Ragnarok images then prepare to lose it permanently as we show you new images of Black Panther courtesy of the same Doctor Strange featurette that showcased upcoming Phase 3 films. The concept art gives us fans a good glimpse at the elusive world of Wakanda and it’s futuristic design.

A few tidbits about the dope images:

  • The design they’re going for Wakanda is absolutely stunning. It’s a perfect blend of traditional African architecture and cutting-edge, revolutionary design. This country is going to make Stark’s tech look primitive by their standards. Seeing this for the first time on-screen will be like seeing Asgard all over again back in 2011.

  • The structure T’Challa is heading towards in that image with the hedges reminds me of the Necropolis of Wakanda. Fingers crossed that we actually see it or at least get referenced in the film, perhaps when T’Challa has to prove himself to the Panther god. We saw a demonic overlord rule the Dark Dimension last November so why not add in a giant panther god in the middle of all this?

  • We’ve seen T’Challa jump like a cat on top of fast moving car so this image isn’t exactly anything new. What we say about it though is that this scene might be in the chase sequence that’ll be filmed in South Korea.

  • That cavern with all the blue light sure looks like their fabled Vibranium repository, The Great Mound. I wonder if this is where Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaue stole all those Vibranium chunks.

  • That image of the Black Panther standing in the jungles of their nation is just incredible. We’ve seen alien planets, talking raccoons, and ice worlds but we have yet to see the jungles of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That idea just gets us hyped.

There you have it, folks. These images alone have cemented the notion the Black Panther will truly be ‘so lit’. Between these magnificent designs and that star-studded powerhouse cast, we might have the next great blockbuster epic with this film. What did you think of the images? Let us know in the comments below!

Black Panther is set to hit theaters February of next year.

Source: Doctor Strange Blu-Ray via Reddit