It only seemed like yesterday that the first set photos of The Punisher featuring a scruffy Frank Castle and distressed Karen Page surfaced back in the final days of October of last year. Little was so known at that time. Deborah Ann Woll hadn’t been confirmed as a series regular and we had no idea who the villain was. Fast forward to this second week of April where we finally know who’s in it and a vague idea of what the show could be, we get confirmation that the production has wrapped. The confirmation comes from the social media accounts of some cast and crew members who were all out celebrating the wrap party, all compiled by Twitter fan account Jon Bernthal Source.

With the exception of Jon Bernthal, Ben Barnes, and a few people from the Iron Fist stunt team, I don’t recognize much from these images. Still, it’s good to see them celebrating this huge undertaking. It’s also worth noting that after these shows wrap, there’s still usually a week of filming pick up shots.

This bit of news comes a few weeks after the Defenders wrap story we broke. The timetable of these two shows wrapping is interesting. Both started almost at the same time back in October and wrapped a few weeks from each other. Last week, I covered an interview with Charlie Cox where he mentions that filming for the 8-episode Defenders took almost as long as the standard 13-episode Marvel shows. This means that the Defenders got more time to prepare for each episode than the rest of the shows, not to say that the 13-episodes shows are having it worse. With the finite amount of time the production is given, it’s amazing how great most of these shows turn out. It’s a testament to the quality of creatives these shows have behind them.

On a scale of “LOL OK” to “STFU ITS REALLY HAPPENING!!”, how excited are you for this show? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter