With less than a month until the show’s premiere, it’s been assumed that filming for Hulu’s 10-episode Runaways has been completed for sometime now. It appears that isn’t the case, according to a tweet by star James Marsters. Marsters, who plays Gregg Sulkin‘s dad in the show, took to Twitter to reveal that the cast and crew just celebrated the show’s wrap party.

Wrap parties are weird. Some productions celebrate them weeks before filming actually ends while some celebrate long after the wrapped filming. Because of how close Runaways is and how its rumored to drop the first three episodes at once (a regular practice by Hulu as pointed out to me by people who are actually subscribed to the service), we’re hoping that this is just one of those late wrap parties. The show has the monumental task of living up to the source material so they need all the time they can get.

Source: Twitter

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