Gonna be a huge week for all things The Defenders now. Following the recent slew of articles for The Defenders we put out these past few weeks, it appears that Marvel and Netflix have released the final trailer for the much-awaited team up. Composed of various shots we’ve seen before and a few we haven’t, the trailer showcases the show’s biggest selling point: the dynamic these characters have with one another. Check it out as we quickly breakdown some of its moments.

Editors note: the link we had here a while abruptly cut off before the best needle drop moment of the trailer. Here’s one that has the trailer in full.

The trailer kicks off with Danny’s matter-of-fact smugness; the surfur-dude zen chutzpah that turned off viewers of Iron Fist each time Danny inorganically dropped quotes. It sort of works here given the tone of the trailer but I’m curious to see how it pays off in the actual episode this is in. We hear Stick deliver some of the lines we’ve heard from previous trailers here and there. IMDB currently has Scott Glenn listed in three episodes of this show which makes you wonder just how huge his role is. It’s been long speculated that this show is where Stick bites the dust so it’ll be interesting to see how far he makes it into the season or if he does end up in 3 episodes. The best part of this trailer is seeing the four of them work together. Between Jessica wondering how everyone knows karate but her, Danny and Luke standing off against a bunch of goons, Danny getting told to “light it up”, Elektra’s blade getting shattered hitting Luke’s skin, this show is going to be off the rails with the action scenes alone. Also super interesting, is that final shot with Sowande in that chamber we keep seeing. Looks like he’ll be playing a larger role than we expected.

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Source: Youtube

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