“You want to work with your friends.” Finn Jones expressed in a CBS interview. The Iron Fist star may not have had any scenes together with Jessica Henwick on Game of Thrones, but that didn’t mean they didn’t want to work together. The premiere of Iron Fist is hours away and Henwick (as Colleen Wing) is just as anticipated as the title character himself.

Just as Henwick was congratulating Jones, she was also getting ready for her own audition. Because Jones wanted his friend to play his right hand in the latest Defenders series, he urged Henwick to rehearse with him. It might have been slightly unethical, but the two claim they were very convincing in faking it.

“We went in as if we hadn’t been rehearsing the night before,” Henwick said.

“Oh yeah, we faked it,” Jones admitted.

“Like, ‘Oh my god, Finn! So nice to see you!'”

“‘Haven’t seen you in ages! So good to see you!’ And then just, like, nailed the scene.”

As they say, the rest is history. Henwick landed the role of Colleen Wing and we get to see these good friends kick butt in Iron Fist. The two endured strenuous martial arts training prior to filming and from the set photos we’ve seen, it was worth it. And not only will we see these two together in Iron Fist, but Colleen Wing has been confirmed for The Defenders. This means the shenanigans continues with these two!

Jones boasted, “We kick all the butt. We are the butt kickers.”

“All the butts,” Henwick agreed. “No butt will be safe from Iron Fist.”

Source: CBS8