It all came as a shock last night when Deadline revealed that Netflix canceled Marvel’s Iron Fist, the first of any Marvel cancellations from the streaming giant. It was also initially reported by Deadline that while the show was gone for good on Netflix, Disney was eyeing its upcoming streaming service as a potential avenue to bring back Danny Rand in. While we are still ways away from ever seeing an Iron Fist Season 3 on that streaming service, we can still see Danny Rand live on. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Danny Rand will still continue to appear in other shows.

As many have stated, the end of Iron Fist Season 2 gave fans a hopeful look at what a good Iron Fist show could be. With so much to mine from the mythology and a rich history interacting with the show’s sister franchises, it is somewhat assuring to know that Danny’s can live on through other shows. I wouldn’t be surprised now if they decided to include more Danny into Luke Cage‘s third season considering how well received his appearance last season was. Heck, it’ll only be a matter of time until we get that Heroes for Hire show. Now if only we could get Colleen and Ward back as well!

Source: Entertainment Weekly