The Iron Fist Netflix series is finally moving forward after plenty of rumors of the series getting pushed aside or being made into a Netflix movie. They have started filling out the cast with Jessica Henwick being cast as Colleen Wing, who is just the first of the supporting characters we reported will appear. These characters will all get involved in the comeback story of Danny Rand, and after lots of waiting, Marvel finally confirmed Finn Jones will be playing the titular hero.

With the series going into production sometime soon, we should hear the rest of the cast announced in the near future. Until that point, Jones has given his first comments about what it is like to play a superhero and he is definitely looking forward to what lies ahead.

I’ve always dreamed of a role that bridged spiritual discipline and badass superhero. There’s a contradiction in those elements that’s going to be very fun to play.

If the rumors are true, we will see him debut this year, but as the series starts filming we are sure to see our first looks at him and the rest of the cast thanks to on set pictures. While we wait, be sure to tell us what you want to see from the series in the comments below or join the forums for a more in-depth discussion.

Iron Fist is projected to debut exclusively on Netflix in early 2017.

Source: Imgur.