One of the running jokes fans have with these Netflix shows is that all the iconic costume reveals happen at the end of each season. The penultimate moment where the protagonist embraces his or her purpose in the most dramatic way possible. It certainly happened with Daredevil at the end of Season 1 and the Punisher at the end of Daredevil Season 2. Fans were wondering if that was the same case with the upcoming Iron Fist, something Charlie Cox mentioned several months back at a panel. When asked about the costume during an interview with Extra, Finn Jones had this to say:

I mean, who says there’s going to be a costume? I mean, this is a modern…. I can’t say any more. Marvel’s gonna kill me. There maybe a costume, there may not be.

A coy and elusive answer to one of the many mysteries of these Netflix shows. On one hand, his use of the term ‘modern’ clearly alludes to the idea of keeping a grounded battle-mode look for the character, something understandable given the outlandish nature of his green and yellow costume, giant pointy collars and all. On the other hand, the Iron Fist mythology to begin with, is an outlandish and otherworldly concept so it is sensible for the character to display the elements that define the idea. It’s also worth mentioning that Charlie Cox hinted at the Iron Fist costume several months ago.


We could see them going the Thor route wherein the Iron Fist costume mystically envelopes Danny’s body each time he taps into his dragon powers. Or maybe they keep it simple and have Melvin Potter design Danny’ costume in the show. Either way, we just want to see Finn Jones rock that iconic Iron Fist do-rag.

Source: Extra