When a superhero show centered on one of the Marvel Universe’s premiere fighters fails to deliver on the action sequences, you know they’ve screwed up big time. Such is the case with Iron Fist, a show that not only bored audiences with unengaging corporate drama but also gave one of the most poorly executed fight scenes in the MCU. So when The Defenders surprised fans with an overhauled take on Danny’s fight scenes, fans wondered whether Iron Fist Season 2 would feature the same improved fight executions. Speaking to Inverse about The Defenders, Finn Jones revealed that his training for the sophomore season begins next week, an impressive 4 months before production even begins.

Now, just gonna let you know, moving into Season 2 of Iron Fist, I’m actually starting my training next week. We’re at least four or five months away from shooting, so this time around, I’m being given a lot more preparation leading up to Season 2, which I think is really gonna have a huge improvement on the quality of the fight scenes in Season 2 of Iron Fist.

It was revealed sometime after the premiere of Iron Fist that the cast was given little-to-no training for the show; prepping for the fight choreography minutes after they arrive on set. Daniel Wu, star of the far superior martial arts show Into the Badlands, even took to social media to share his thoughts on the appalling fight scenes in Iron Fist, saying:

The actors on Badlands put themselves through the ringer for two years trying to be good martial artists. 6 hours a day for 5 weeks, 5 months of filming and then months of extra work in the off season. We kick ass because we work hard. So I have no respect for a “martial arts show” after seeing the literal blood, sweat and tears our cast puts itself through.

It’s not as intensive as training for 2 whole years but the news that Finn Jones would begin training for Iron Fist Season 2 months ahead should please both fans and Daniel Wu himself. There’s a ton of potential to be mined from the Iron Fist character and the mythology they’ve set up. On top of training the lead actors this early in the game, they should also think of investing a mask for Jones to use, allowing for more ambitious sequences via his stuntman. Finn Jones has been pining for a mask for the longest time and given the ending of The Defenders, so it’s only timely for Danny to don a mask.

What do you think of Finn Jones beginning training this early? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Inverse

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