Now that the world has been introduced to Luke Cage, it’s time to turn our focus toward the final Defender in our quirky quartet, Danny Rand. This weekend saw the release of a trailer for Iron Fist, as well as a panel on the show, in which the other Defenders joined Iron Fist’s Finn Jones on stage.

Now, Jones and his co-star Jessica Stroup, who will be playing Joy Meachum, are speaking with IGN, giving them a brief glimpse into the characters of Danny Rand and Joy Meachum, and how they interact with each other:

Finn Jones: Danny is very fond of Joy. They were old childhood friends when they were growing up and I think Danny sees the joy in Joy, and even though Joy may have changed throughout the years when he’s not been around, and become more hardened and corporate, I still think Danny believes there is a real heart in Joy, and a real innocence, and he’s trying to bring her over to the light.

Jessica Stroup: Yeah, when she meets Danny again after 15 years, it’s like this rebirth of what she once was, and she gets to ask these questions about herself because he’s posing them to her. So she absolutely loves Danny Rand, and I think the problem, in the beginning, is ‘is it really Danny Rand?’

We know that when the series begins, Danny will be finding his way back to New York after being gone for 15 years. What we don’t know is how Danny will react to rediscovering himself and his past. Luckily, Jones was able to give us the scoop:

Danny Rand was subject to a horrible plane crash when he was 10 years old, he lost his parents, he was then raised in a monastery in very harsh conditions, he didn’t go through normal things like a normal kid would… so he arrives back in New York and he’s very underequipped to handle the western, real world. He’s almost like a child in a man’s body, but also has the Iron Fist as well… he has that teenage rage of an angst-ridden kid, and essentially, he’s suffering from PTSD and he’s trying to work his way through the world. He has this optimism, this naivete and that gets him in trouble a lot of times because there’s a lot of people willing to take advantage of Danny and use him for his chi power, but also his corporate power, and Danny just has to find his way through the western world and he’s just growing up very fast. He’s a troubled guy, but he has a troubled heart and really pure motivations.

Hopefully, the studio can incorporate some comedy into Danny rediscovering the western world – it’s been done before, but it’s always hysterical.

Lastly, Stroup was asked to discuss what the Meachum family thinks of Danny’s return, and from the looks of it, they may not be too pleased:

There’s a little bit of proving himself that [Danny] may or may not do that would piss off my brother; some male angst. You know, Ward would have been the one who picked on him when he was little so as pure and innocent and great as Iron Fist is, he comes in and he causes some problems.

Excitement is already building for Iron Fist, but we’ll have to wait until March 17th of 2017 to see how it all comes together. What are you hoping to see in Iron Fist? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: IGN