At Puerto Rico Comic-Con 2017, many fans had the chance to meet Finn Jones, who portrays Danny Rand in Netflix’s latest Marvel release, Iron Fist. While being quite a controversial entry into the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, it did manage to pull in quite an audience that can contend with the other series that are building up towards the mini-series The Defenders. We still do not know if we can expect a season 2 of this show, as there has yet been an announcement. Most fans have already directed their attention toward what we know we are getting: The Defenders, and more seasons of the other three stand-alone series.

Well, the audience of PR Comic-Con 2017 not only got to meet Jones, but also were given some unsubtle hints that a second season announcement might be right around the corner, as Twitter user @SuperBroMovies pointed out a statement made by the actor that pretty much confirms that we can expect more of Danny’s adventures beyond the upcoming team-up.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jones has hinted that this announcement is close. Just last week, he mentioned something similar at another con.

There have been hints dropped that Danny might change as a character after the coming events that will see many elements surrounding the Hand, which was the main antagonist organisation in Daredevil and Iron Fist, potentially coming to a close. With Iron Fist’s purpose being in the destruction of the Hand and protecting K’un-L’un, it seems Danny is slowly running out of options for where his future could lead him. His home away from home has vanished and a former friend may become his fiercest enemy. There is a lot of potential that could be explored in a coming season, as the more corporate backstory has been told in the first season. We pointed out a potential route that a second season could take in an article shortly after the release of the show back in March.

Another interesting tidbit is the fact that the eight episodes of The Defenders will take place within quite a short period of time. Within these 48 hours, a lot may go down with our titular heroes having their bouts, discussions and moments of unity building up towards their showdown with the still mysterious character being played by Sigourney Weaver. It will be interesting to see if this limited time frame offers up a new sense of urgency for the various members, as they have to learn to work together.

Jones wouldn’t be talking about future seasons of Iron Fist so confidently if there wasn’t some hint that the announcement is coming soon. How excited are you about seeing this character being given more time to develop? Let us know, in the comments!