Iron Fist actor Finn Jones, who will play the title character in the upcoming Netflix show, has posted a quote from Lei-Kung the Thunder on Instagram, potentially teasing Lei-Kung will make an appearance on the show.

The quote reads:

“Daniel, wait. Do you know the secret of forever? I want to tell you something my father once told me. Decapitation, asphyxiation, blunt trauma, strangulation…any number of paths to a single result. Your heart stops beating. Don’t you see? All death comes from the heart. Armor yourself…make your body hard and keep your heart soft. If you can protect your heart, you will never die. This is the secret of forever. You may feel like an outsider now…but one day, if you earn it, you will be invited to eat the fruit of immortality. And then you will truly be among us.”

Lei-Kung premiered in Marvel Premier #16 (May 1974) alongside Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) and many of his supporting characters such as his parents Wendell and Heather Rand, as well as Harold Meachum, Wendell’s former friend turned adversary. In the comics, Lei-Kung serves as the weapons master of K’un-L’un, the mystical city that appears to humans only once every decade. As weapons master, Lei-Kung is a martial arts expert and serves as Iron Fist’s mentor and trainer. Lei-Kung also trained his son, Davos, who later becomes Steel Serpent, one of Iron Fist’s primary enemies.

Iron Fist will debut in 2017 on Netflix. Scroll down to see the full Instagram post.


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