We have a first official look at our titular character and the rest of the cast of the much awaited Marvel/Netflix show courtesy of the official social media pages of Jessica Jones and it’s about time! Promotion is starting to gear up for the series, with Netflix & Marvel having recently announced an official November 20th release date.

While none of these stills are particularly revealing, we at least get a clear glance of what could possibly be her cohorts in the show; namely Luke Cage, BFF Patsy Walker a.k.a Hellcat and the mysterious/rumored-Jessica-Drew-analogue Harper played by Carrie Anne Moss. Not only that, we also see the villainous Purple Man give off a creepier than creepy stare. Exciting stuff indeed!

It was recently confirmed that the cast will make an appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con, where they’ll reveal the first footage from the series for fans lucky enough to attend the panel. Basing it off the killer Daredevil panel they did last year in the same event, we can expect a ton of more information – both casting and story – from the said panel.

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Source: Jessica Jones Twitter Account.