A couple of weeks ago, we ran a couple stories featuring super blurry footage from the set of Marvel/Netflix’s The Defenders. The footage saw several members of the squad in different scenarios, one of which that sees them hanging out in a hotel lobby with Matt Murdock wearing his suit. It was blurry AF and frankly didn’t feature anything substantially new. As the #1 nitpicker of Daredevil’s costume, the footage bummed me out. Well now, I’m only half-bummed as some new clear set photos of Daredevil just surfaced online.

You guys know the drill with Getty. We publish it, we get sued. So instead will link it right here, how about that?

Seeing these images, I feel indifferent. After all, this looks pretty much the same as his main costume for last season. In fact, it probably is the same costume from the last season of Daredevil. It still features that oddly shaped helmet (my biggest issue with the costume) that emphasizes Charlie Cox‘s wide forehead and fits poorly on his face and those busy-looking militaristic black mesh pads. Then again, I really dislike the heavily armored look of Daredevil from the 1990s. My taste for the perfect MCU DD costume is simple: keep the protective mesh pads but paint the entire suit in shades of red to streamline the look; remold the mask/helmet and lower the horns; reshape the eye sockets into something more expressive. Simple.

But with that being said, the one thing that excites me seeing this suit is the solid possibility of it being improved by Melvin Potter later in the season. And I’m hoping that when Melvin does hook Matt up, he hooks up the rest of the team with new duds too. We want an Iron Fist costume too!

Source: Getty Images