Judgment for Danny Rand has come once more. Following the bomb that was the first season of Iron Fist, all eyes are understandably on the second season of the show, a season that’s been teased to be a massive improvement with a new showrunner and fight choreographer to boot. Well, the verdict for Iron Fist Season 2 is here. Did the show manage to live up to the hype? Check it out!

Overall, there are notable things worth pointing out about season two of Iron Fist. It’s much better paced and way easier to watch. But coming back from what was a truly lack-luster first season was going to take far more than a few kung-fu classes. It was going to take a complete overhaul of the series and it’s hard to say if that was ever going to be possible.Forbes

Iron Fist is back for another season, and it’s significantly better than the first. There’s better action, better writing, a more focused plot and some improved character development. There are definitely still some issues with plotting, the Marvel Netflix shows aiming to be too grounded ‘n’ gritty for their own good some other caveats. Overall, what’s been shown so far this season leaves a much stronger impression than Season 1.411 Mania

The first six episodes set the season up for an exciting second half, with action sequences coming thick and fast. There are still plenty of jump cuts, but the punches and kicks feel a lot more real this time. But I’m still missing the stylistic kung fu from older Chinese kung fu flicks (pick any Bruce Lee movie) or even the awesome Matrix.CNET

While they are not exactly jam packed with action like AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, each episode is well executed and constructed with no lean moments. In fact, this may be the most impressive run of episodes I have yet to see from any Defenders-related show. Everything you hated about Iron Fist is gone and the remaining elements are tightly reconstructed into a superhero thriller that ups the ante for every Marvel television franchise. Pulling off such a turnaround from a reviled first season is impressive, now lets see if the second half of the season can live up to the first.Joblo

Better writing, better fight choreography, and an increased focus on the wider cast all make a difference, and help smooth over many of the usual Marvel Netflix problems. Considering how little goodwill the first season generated, some fans may not have patience for the usual quirks this time around. But as for me, I’m looking forward to seeing where the next seven episodes take us, and I think that’s the surest sign that the first six did their job.Den of Geek

On the surface, Iron Fist season two is probably a middle-of-the-pack show in Netflix’s stables of series featuring Marvel characters. Once you dig deeper and how much the cast and crew worked to get Iron Fist back on the right track, you may find the show to be one of Marvel’s most improved properties yet. While the show still has some room left to improve, Iron Fist season two is a vast improvement over year one and quite frankly, it’s a contender for the best season of Marvel Television we’ve received at this point in the year.Marvel News Desk

Iron Fist Season 2 premieres this Friday, September 7 on Netflix.