With filming for Jessica Jones Season 2 out of the way, the folks behind the Marvel-Netflix machine can now focus on two things: ensuring that they shot what they needed to shoot in the editing room and begin their marketing hype train machine. Case in point, they just dropped the first ever poster for the much-awaited season in anticipation of New York Comic-Con!

This poster is Joe Quesada‘s first design foray for Jessica Jones. When the first season premiered, they got Daredevil artist Alex Maleev to do the exclusive con poster, making Jessica Jones the only Marvel-Netflix property to not have a poster done by Quesada. The design in itself doesn’t necessarily reveal what they have in store for the season but it’s great to see them begin their campaign this early. The fact that they released this in NYCC-week makes us wonder if they’ll have some special Jessica Jones related surprise during their Punisher panel. We don’t know who some of the new additions are playing so maybe they could do a cast reveal there.

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Source: IGN