The highly-anticipated Loki series has been filming for a bit now but it’s only today that we’re seeing the first photos from the set. These brand new photos showcase the three announced stars in the show, Tom Hiddleston, Sophia DiMartino, and Owen Wilson. Check ’em out below!

So there’s a lot to take here. As you can clearly see, Loki with a bunch of armored agents who, upon close inspection, clearly has that familiar red TVA logo on them. The guy in the blue raincoat is a mustached Owen Wilson who people believe to be playing the TVA’s Justice Peace. I have been told that Wilson’s suit is being highly kept secret so this raincoat might not be for the artificial rain on set but to actually conceal his suit from the public.

The real kicker is this first look at Sophia DiMartino. One close look at her green suit may make anyone believe those Lady Loki rumors to be true, especially with that glowing neckpiece and all. However, a new rumor could contest this. A listing on IMDBPro pointing to the inclusion of the Enchantress in this show was spotted today. IMDBPro has the character listed as Young Sylvie. Now, this name might not ring familiar for old-school fans of the Enchantress (who goes by Amora) but Sylvie Luston happens to be the name of the second Enchantress. This second Enchantress is a fairly new character introduced in the last decade of comics. Instead of being an Asgardian, Sylvie is a human who is given powers by Loki. Because of the time-travel element in this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if they revealed that Loki gave powers to an unsuspecting kid in the past and bring in this present-day adult version of her in this show.

Source: Twitter