Remember how we all complained about how there was almost no Inhumans news coming out? Well, that likely won’t be the case anymore in the coming weeks because it just keeps on coming. Production on Marvel’s Inhumans is just underway in Hawaii and we already have our first look at Anson Mount as Black Bolt and every comic fan’s favorite giant dog, Lockjaw! The images come after a mere few days the cast was announced.

Courtesy of our friends @reelnewshawaii, we get an absolutely fabulous look at Mount in costume (minus the trademark mask), an idea of how big Lockjaw is going to be thanks to the pre-cgi stand in and a shot of Roel Reine, the director of the first two episodes. For those of you who may not be entirely familiar with the Inhumans, Lockjaw is obviously a massive dog who acts as the teleporter of the Royal Family. That’s how weird and awesome this show will be.

The plot of the show is entirely unknown, but thanks to these set pics we can see that Black Bolt will be running for coffee at some point. What do you think about Mount’s look as the Midnight King? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter