An era is about to end. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently airing its final season on ABC. The show that started Marvel’s foray into television will also mark the ending of that very franchise. At least that was until one more show slipped through the cracks, as Marvel Studios took over creative control. It was supposed to start another crossover franchise joining Netflix’s The Defenders and the now-canceled Offenders. A new Hulu Original Helstrom was announced alongside a Ghost Rider series that would’ve seen the return of Gabriel Luna. After Luna‘s return got canceled, most of us assumed that Helstrom was going to follow suit but it managed to slip through the cracks. Now, we are still waiting for any news regarding this series planned 2020 release. While we still don’t know much, we did finally get a look at an official logo before Hulu’s planned premiere via the upcoming Comic [email protected] event.

At first glance, the logo looks great and it certainly is teasing a dark and twisted storyline to come. It seems to have some inspiration from The Blair Witch Project logo. One thing that truly stands out is the lack of Marvel branding. It was a staple of Marvel TV to add the Marvel logo above their show’s titles. Check It was a signifier that this was part of a larger universe. Marvel Studios branched out by creating their own version. As such, SHIELD is the final show to end with the Marvel branding with Helstrom being the final show produced under the supervision of Jeph Loeb. What a journey it has been and here’s hoping that Marvel TV went all out in their final series.

Are you a fan of the Helstrom character? Are you looking forward to the show?

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