A.K.A. Jessica Jones, which is now a few weeks into shooting, will be the MCU introduction of Krystin Ritter‘s Jessica Jones, but it will also be the first appearances of Mike Colter‘s Luke Cage as he’s due to appear in 6-7 episodes of the Netflix Series. It’s unclear if Luke Cage has his powers in the series yet or if they are introducing that in his own show, but if the comics are any basis, then there’s a good chance he’s already a suped up bad ass.

Below you see our first look at Mike Colter on the set of the show. As expected, he’s already up close and personal with Jessica Jones. It is a tad curious that a man with unbreakable skin is wearing a helmet here, maybe he’s trying to keep up appearances for some reason?

For more on Luke Cage, head over to this breakdown of the character. Wondering what to expect from A.K.A. Jessica Jones? We have you covered right here.

We also got our first look at David Tennant on set earlier this week. You can view those photos by heading over here.

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