A few days ago, we reported that the cast and crew for next year’s Black Panther have begun their shoot in Busan, South Korea. The images and videos that surfaced from that set offered a cool glimpse at a high-speed chase sequence featuring some of T’Challa’s fabled Dora Milaje. Well, we got the set pictures to follow up on that batch and this time, they feature the King of Wakanda himself. Peep ’em out!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the image of T’Challa hitching on top of a moving high-speed car reminded me of his key sequence in Captain America: Civil War but who cares? It’s the freaking King of Wakanda, in-costume hanging out on the streets of Busan! The Marvel Cinematic Universe is branching out to international waters and it’s amazing. We don’t know yet what T’Challa and his Dora Milaje guards are doing on this side of the world but whatever it is, we’re hyped for it and you should be too.

Source: Twitter