All the way back at San Diego Comic-Con James Gunn announced to the world that Ego the Living Planet was Peter Quill’s father. Not only that but silver screen icon Kurt Russell would be playing the character. Immediately questions swirled about how a living planet might look, but fans were assured that at least some of the time Ego would look just like a normal human being. The lucky few in Hall H that evening got a quick look, but the rest of the world has been waiting for a luck. Until now that is.


This image looks largely like one might expect from descriptions and the toy revealed at New York’s Toy Fair. Russell appears to be some sort of adventurer who has traveled to many different places. The cape and various details to the costume show the character has a bit of regal flair to his look. Remember that in the original Guardians of the Galaxy much is made of the ancient nature of Star Lord’s father and how that enabled him to hold the power stone for so long. Russell will likely play the character as a wise figure, who’s seen much.

While this still image is nice, there is some hope that Tuesday’s trailer will include some footage of the character, so fans can get a better sense of how he speaks and the characterization of Ego. Many still want to see if a version of Ego as an actual planet is coming to the big screen as well. It seems likely (why go with the character if not?) but how that will look in the VFX is a topic of much interest. Most importantly, what will the interaction between Chris Pratt and Russell be like?

Do you like the look of Ego? What are you expecting out of the relationship between the living planet and his hero son? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, starring Pratt, Russell, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker, and many more releases in the USA on May 5th of this year.

Source: Reddit