November might be one of Marvel’s biggest months. We got the release of Thor: Ragnarok in theatres, the entire season of The Punisher was released online and as of today, the Runaways has officially premiered on Hulu. When it was announced, the largest question was if we will see Old Lace make an appearance in the show. Inhumans invested a lot of money to make sure that Lockjaw would be part of the show. Runaways took a different approach and went for a completely practical design for the character. We got our first glimpse at Old Lace’s head in a poster, but that was the extent of it. Luckily, we now have our official first look at the famous dinosaur that will be joining the kids on their adventure.

They certainly put in a lot of work to make Old Lace look as authentic as possible. It is incredible to think how much work was put into the design, as they tried to add as many details as possible. One interesting detail is that they turned the blue stripe on her head into feathers, which is an interesting touch. Looking closer one can also see the nose ring that was a constant in her design. It is still uncertain how much she will feature in the show and if we will get to see her in action. Those teeth could do some serious damage and it will not be easy to hide a dinosaur, as they are trying to hide from their parents.

What are your thoughts on Old Lace’s design? Do you like the approach they took?

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