Just a few hours ago, some photos featuring Evangeline Lilly on the set of Ant-Man & the Wasp surfaced online, offering a new look at her updated armor. And along with those batch of photos are the first images featuring Walton Goggins on the set of the much-awaited Ant-Man sequel.

The images aren’t particularly revealing but seeing Goggins on set brings me joy nonetheless. He’s an absolute delight as an actor and his inclusion is one of the film’s biggest points of interest for me. In case you totally missed it, Goggins – aka one of the most formidable actors on the planet – is playing Sonny Burch, one of the speculated villains in the film. Burch, in the comics, was a small time Iron Man villain with ties to Cross Tech. Given how prominent Cross Tech was in the first film, we imagine that this iteration of Sonny Burch will be somewhat of a successor to Darren Cross. With Hannah John-Kamen playing the high-tech character by name of Ghost, it’s not crazy to connect Goggins’ Burch to this character. Goggins is a master at portraying well-spoken likable scumbags and we sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing a refined Justin Hammer-esque tech baddie with Goggins at the helm.

If you need a good Walton Goggins fix, I highly recommend you check out Justified.

Source: Just Jared

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