Sometimes the greatest reveals for upcoming films come in the form of the various toys that are produced. Marvel has certainly made a considerable amount of money off of the merchandise they sell in correlation with the various franchises. This is one reason why Marvel Studios risked not making any money off of the Box Office from the recently released Spider-Man: Homecoming, as they own the rights to all profits from the many toys, tie-in products or any other merchandise produced. With one last film to go in 2017, Thor: Ragnarok is slowly revealing the various tie-in products and it seems that the Mystery Mini series of Funko may have revealed some major characters that we can expect to make an appearance in the upcoming film.

Taking a closer look one can see various characters that we have seen in trailers, such as Thor in his new gladiator armor, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, Odin, Skurge, Heimdall, as well as few mysterious warrior looking characters, presumably the armies of Valhalla. As we reported earlier, we also got a reveal for Surtur, who will make quite a splash in the upcoming film, while it is still uncertain what exact role he will have with the events of Ragnarok. There are however three other major reveals in this pictures of characters that may play a considerable role in the upcoming film.

First, we have a look at Miek and Korg, confirmed to appear in the film months back and two major characters of the Warbound from the Planet Hulk storyline. While Korg doesn’t exactly resemble his orange comic-counterpart, we’ve heard rumblings from people who have seen Ragnarok concept art that Korg was, in fact, color gray in the film. Another character looking a wee-bit different in color from his comic counterpart is Miek, the alien insectoid creature responsible for the death of the entirety of Sakaar in the comics. You need not worry though as Miek will likely be used as a comedic relief in the film as he’ll be played by director Taika Waititi.

Also in that catalog is famed mythological wolf Fenris, also confirmed way back. Not only does Fenris play a huge part in the mythological version of Ragnarok, but he also happens to be a child of Loki. While it’s unlikely that Loki would father a wolf in the MCU, we can probably expect that the God of Mischief will have something to do with Fenris’ presence in the film. Maybe, like Hela’s release, the coming of Fenris would be through Loki’s hand.

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Source: Funko