In the midst of season 2 of Daredevil sweeping the world, Marvel and Netflix tried to quietly drop the first teaser for Luke Cage. The teaser is nothing really more than that but does give us a small taste for what we can expect later this year. You can watch the teaser by clicking on the source link below, but until then, here is a quick breakdown of what was shown.

Luke Cage Teaser

We start in a gym with plenty of boxing gear, but definitely not the same one that Jack Murdock used to train in. There are two armed men pointing guns at none other than Luke Cage (Mike Colter). His response?

I guess you guys haven’t heard about me.

As his impenetrable skin gets bombarded with rounds, his following remark is nothing short of amazing.

I’m about sick of always have to buy new clothes.

Luke Cage Logo

I can’t imagine the amount of money he has to spend as he goes on these superhero journeys. The teaser ends with the reveal of the first official logo featured above, and even though it is not in HD just yet, I’m sure Marvel will release a more high-quality look after the Daredevil hype dies down. (Well, if it does cause my goodness this season is great.)

Luke Cage will debut exclusively on Netflix at 12:01 PST on September 30th, 2016.

Source: Netflix