After the events of The Defenders, Danny Rand has taken over as the protector of Hell’s Kitchen. While the Twitter account has been highlighting his upcoming battle with Davos as the Steel Serpent, we know that a long-time Daredevil character Typhoid Mary will make an appearance in the upcoming season. The Iron Fist Instagram account just released a good look at Typhoid Mary, a long-time villain and even ex-lover of Murdock’s in the comics. Alice Eve will be playing the character in the Netflix show and it is still unsure what her role will be. The most focus was set on Danny and Davos’ relationship so she might just have a small role throughout Iron Fist. Still, it seems that they are hinting at her more violent outbreaks and that she will certainly won’t miss out on the action.

Our first look is rather plain and quite far off from what fans expect from the character. There is a distinct chance that we may see her transform as time goes by. Hopefully, she will become a recurring character throughout the franchise, as she could start off as an anti-hero. She may aid Danny in some missions before slowly falling deeper into the rabbit hole and acting out more violent actions. An actress like Alice Eve has shown that she has a wide range so slowly seeing her fall into chaos may be an interesting character development to witness across multiple seasons. She could even play into the upcoming third season of Daredevil after being introduced in Iron Fist.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing Typhoid Mary? How do you think her character will develop?

Source: Instagram