After days of teasers and short snippets, Netflix has finally decided to release the first official trailer for the second and, likely, the final season of The Punisher…. just one week before the premiere. Could be a sign of Netflix’s indifference to the outcomes of these shows or it could be just the plan all along. Whatever the reason is for withholding the trailer this close to the premiere, it’s pretty damn odd. Anyway, check the trailer out below.

Complaints aside, the trailer is par for the course, amazingly put together. Love the use of Alice in Chains’ Would. We get to see Frank’s new BFF Amy Bendix and the Christian mercenary after them, John Pilgrim. The trailer also further elaborates the beef between Russo and Castle which will surely be a high-point for the show. We’re also getting a lot more action and violence too, it seems. Good stuff.

Source: Twitter