Fresh off the final episode of The Defenders as a post-credits tease, the first trailer for the much-anticipated The Punisher has surfaced online. It features guns, blood, death and a whole load of Jon Bernthal‘s Frank Castle. Check it out!

One of the more frustrating things about running this website is covering stuff you’re supposed to see in a certain time. In this case, I sure as hell would have loved to be surprised with a Punisher tease right after I finish The Defenders (I’m halfway through, so no spoilers fam!). But given the inevitability of it surfacing online and our need to keep our readers updated with most MCU happenings, here we are covering it.

Overall, this trailer looks freaking incredible. From the grizzled baritone of Frank Castle’s narration about coming to collect and flashbacks to his family life and origins as a military man to the thunder of his sledgehammer carving out the iconic logo, this is one badass trailer.

What do you think of the first teaser for The Punisher? Where you guys at with your Defenders binge? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Netflix via Twitter

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