Editor’s note: Some new reactions have referred to us by our loving fans.

With so much new content coming from Marvel TV, it might be easy for some MCU fans to forget about Runaways. But positive word-of-mouth will always get a good title to stand out, and hopefully that will be the case for this Hulu-bound “O.C. of the MCU.” Hulu invited select members of the press for screeners of the first two episodes, and we’ve collected a few Twitter reactions from them.

Caleb Williams of Omega Underground had this to say:

Williams specifically praises the second episode, which tells the first episode’s events from the parents’ perspective:

Entertainment writer Kelly Knox didn’t have too many specifics, but she expresses enthusiasm:

Freelance writer Oliver Sava is a big fan of the Runaways comics, and was ultimately impressed with the adaptation:

The last reaction we were able to gather at the moment was from Ain’t It Cool’s Harry Knowles:

Err, yeah. Not much of a reaction but more so just a confirmation that he saw it, at least. That’s Twitter for you.

The comparison to Riverdale may inspire some intrigue – while I haven’t seen the CW show myself, it has gained a good response and a solid fanbase. And if you’re a fan of the comics, it is probably comforting to hear from fellow fans that this upcoming show delivers. It’s nice to see these writers respond well to something that is very different from previous MCU offerings. If positive reactions keep pouring in, we may have a reverse-Inhumans on our hands.

What do you think of these first reactions? Any characters you’re looking forward to seeing? Tell us in the comments!