Any given Tuesday is a great day for Spider-Man news. This Tuesday, however, got a little more confusing. Fans were treated to a surprise just a few hours ago when star Tom Holland and costar Jacob Batalon shared the first official stills of the upcoming Spider-Man film. It then gets interesting as each actor as well as fellow costar Zendaya shared plausible and admittedly bad titles for the movie. The subtitles ‘Phone Home’, ‘Home Wrecker’ and ‘Home-Slice’ caused quite a stir initially as some fans swung the single posts mistook each for official confirmations. Not long after it seems we’ve all settled to a conclusion the cast was just having a little fun with fan speculation. Thankfully because how serious could we take a Spidey film dubbed ‘Home-Slice’, right?

With the faux titles and accompanying logos now obvious it does make the “Stills” seem a bit skeptical as well. Each picture gives a look at all three stars in character-correct attire. One shows them to seemingly be exploring some sort of darkened, aged basement, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ style. Another shows the trio in a similar setting seeming to be awestruck at something that gives off a slight glow. It looks to be sunlight coming through but the glow isn’t too different from the light we usually see coming from one of Stephen Strange’s portals. Let’s also not forget Jamie Foxx’s Electro is returning in a non-blue reprisal. At the very least, this is definitely a good sign that some more Spider-Man news should be expected very soon.