Several of your favorite media outlets have released their hot take on on first six episodes of the much-anticipated Iron Fist and the overall verdict isn’t looking too good. The consensus is that the show falls into the trappings of all Marvel/Netflix shows in that it’s too slow. Some outlets have criticized it for being too grounded of a show to the point that some of its fantastical elements get lost in the mix while others are slamming Finn Jones‘ inability to sell the fight sequences. Bottomline is, the majority of critics don’t find it too good of a show so depending on whose opinion matters to you, you might want to tone down your expectations when March 14 comes.

Keep in mind though, that these are just the first reviews for the first 6-7 episodes of the season and not the full show. The latter half could very well end up better than the first half which is frankly better than starting out strong and ending horribly. Anyway, here are some of the reviews that are out now. Some of them may contain spoilers.

The end result is more often a boring, confused, and offensive mess of a series, one that’s as bad at diversity as it is telling a story that superhero fans will enjoy. It lacks the impact it so desperately needed after the successes of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. And that’s a shame. Fans feared the worst when the series was announced, and all their fears came true. – The Verge

With Iron Fist, why he comes back doesn’t isn’t answered with any haste. Instead, we’re distracted by hatchet-wielding Triads, and hypnotized into naps by long meetings involving corporate tax strategy. It leaves Iron Fist a confused, choppy mix of the supernatural seen through the lens of business casual. – Collider

Even if you can put aside issues of cultural appropriation — and the ham-fisted “Iron Fist” doesn’t make that easy, given that it feeds its yoga-bro lead character a series of inert lines about Shaolin wisdom and Buddhist teachings — this superhero drama just feels inessential. “If you want to see the truth, then hold no opinions,” Rand intones at one point. Well, it’s part of this gig to issue assessments, and the truth is, “Iron Fist” is as disposable as aluminum foil. – Variety

Through six episodes, in addition to failing to introduce a main character I care about at all, Iron Fist hasn’t given me any season-long arc/objective that I could describe for you, much less one I’m curious to see resolved — and that’s before it hits that wall between episodes 7 and 12 that none of the Marvel shows has been immune to. For heaven’s sake, Iron Fist has already wasted the “Is our hero actually crazy?” gaslighting episode, a structural conceit that doesn’t work when you ask the audience to question everything we think we know about a character before we actually know anything about the character. – The Hollywood Reporter

If Iron Fist was an otherwise boring series with a hero who kicked butt in exciting ways early and often, I’d forgive the bland expository parts in the same way I do for a lot of action shows and movies. And if Finn Jones couldn’t fight but was otherwise a riveting screen presence blessed with sparkling dialogue and a compelling character arc, I’d get past the alleged living weapon’s lame physical prowess. But when neither part works at all, why would anyone but the most devout, masochistic Marvel completist want to watch? – Uproxx

We’ll give the show the benefit of the doubt there, but regardless, this is easily the least compelling Marvel Netflix series so far. By the time the credits run on the final episode of Iron Fist, all but the most devoted fans will be relieved that the road to The Defenders will have finally come to an end. Maybe the combination of Iron Fist and Luke Cage – in a rumored Heroes for Hire series – can punch up the former character’s appeal before the possibility of season 2 is floated. – We Got This Covered

With more nuanced writing and a generous dose of introspection, Iron Fist may have found a compelling path through a landscape thirsty for representation; it may, in other words, have found a good reason to exist. – Hypable

Iron Fist is not the strongest of its siblings, but team dynamics being what they are, it’ll no doubt benefit from the association. There will be plenty of folks out there who watch the show to keep up with the overall plot of the Marvel Netflix shows, and to see how Iron Fist presumably sets up for The Defenders later this year. Unfortunately, I can’t say at the moment that there are other reasons to binge. – Polygon

Don’t worry. Not every Iron Fist review out there is negative. There are a handful of outlets that deemed the show better than most critics have.

It’s safe to say that, based on the first six episodes of “Iron Fist”, the series delivers a knock-out punch of chi-powered action, (and music) scoring another hit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.! – Kung Fu Kingdom

The Marvel Netflix shows have consistently introduced new characters and fleshed out their stories. Each one shares a common trait–they contain hardcore grittiness and action. In the latest one, Iron Fist, we’ll meet Danny Rand. Trained in martial arts, the character and the story continues the high-octane tone and fight scenes we’ve come to expect. Despite being the fifth Marvel Netflix series, it’s not simply more of the same. We are seeing some new ground explored as another comic book character is brought to life. – Gamespot

For anyone who hasn’t read the comics, you may enjoy how the show doesn’t just give Danny’s identity or powers away too quickly. The show really takes its time in pulling the curtain back on Danny’s training with the monks, which I think was a smart choice. Like all the other Defendersverse characters, Danny is a reluctant hero and this primary season shows him wrestling with the decision to wade into the fight and use his gifts to save New York. Oh, and the opening credits are just perfect. A trademark of all the Netflix Marvel shows. – The Marvel Report

We’ll be updating this page in the next few hours as more prominent reviews come in so stay tuned. What do you think of the first wave of Iron Fist reviews that has come out? Are you now worried for the show or still excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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