For anyone who watched the 2nd season of Marvel’s Daredevil, you can’t deny The Punisher stole the show. As fans, we wanted a solo series focusing around Frank Castle. Development for a spin-off show began before Daredevil’s second season was even released. And in April 2016, our prayers were answered. The Punisher Solo Series, featuring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, was confirmed.

Since that announcement, filming for The Punisher began. The cast includes Ben Barnes, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Amber Rose Revah, Deborah Ann Woll, Daniel Webber, Jason R. Moore, Paul Schulze, Jaime Ray Newman, and Michael Nathanson.

The Punisher premiers in 2017 and though we’ve seen a few set photos, we haven’t seen much else. Filming for Marvel’s The Defenders has started as well and considering that’s coming out first, the focus is heavier on that show. But, I personally cannot wait to see Frank Castle grace us once more. So, to occupy my time in between, here are five things we need to see in The Punisher solo series.

Hobo Frank


From what we’ve seen of the stills released, Frank’s grown a beard since Daredevil’s second season finale. To the public, The Punisher is dead. As the audience, we know better. Frank survived the explosion on that boat and went off to save Karen and assist Matt in his epic battle. What’s Frank been up to since then? It has to be hard for someone like him to simply disappear. The trial of The People v. Frank Castle was well publicized, as well as his escape from prison. Everyone in New York had an opinion about the man, so where could he go afterward?

Frank must have had the same thought process and just like Clark Kent, he may be hiding in plain sight. As a New Yorker, I probably wouldn’t give him a second glance. There are unfortunately so many homeless people in the city, I’m sure no one would see Frank looking like that and think he’s The Punisher.

Billy Russo’s Transformation into Jigsaw

That face is too pretty - someone mess it up

Every superhero needs a supervillain and Frank Castle’s is Jigsaw. Played by Ben Barnes, his character in the comics is hired to assassinate all those involved with The Castles, after the massacre that took away Frank’s family. Frank ends up leaving [Billy Russo] alive, after killing all his associate’s; to send a message to the organization who hired him. Frank also does Billy the honor of throwing him through a glass pane, thus horribly disfiguring him.

According to the Marvel Press Release page, Netflix’s version of the character is slightly altered:

This incarnation of the character will be portrayed as a friend of Castle from the military who is currently running his own private military corporation



A hint to a Punisher spin-off show came at the end of Daredevil’s season two. Finally eliminating the Blacksmith, Frank did something pretty drastic: he blew up his own house. Having finally stepped back into the home he made with his family, he took one last look around before destroying it. Symbolically closing that chapter of his life, Frank grabbed one thing before he left. A CD labeled “Micro” was hidden behind a picture frame, alluding to the involvement of Frank’s once good friend, now turned villain.

Frank just keeps making more friends!

More Karen Page


Whether you think Karen Page and Frank make a good couple or just a good team, we need more Deborah Ann Woll. And we’re getting it. Confirmed at NYCC 2016, Ms. Woll will reprise her role as the former assistant for Nelson & Murdock. Unlike Matt and Foggy, Karen seemingly understands Frank’s predicament. From perhaps the beginning of the second season, she questions if what Frank is doing is actually wrong or if perhaps he really is doing what’s right. Their lives are soon intermingled due to the trial and a friendship/trust is formed.

Deborah Ann Woll has been confirmed for all thirteen episodes of The Punisher series and some of the only pictures we’ve seen so far, have been interactions between Karen and Frank.

Frank Kicking Ass

This is The Punisher. There’s no doubt we’re getting some serious ass kicking scenes. Frank’s introduction to Daredevil’s second season made it a lot bloodier. From hanging people from meat hooks to blowing guy’s faces off – the show took a more gruesome turn. We can only imagine what a series featuring The Punisher at its center point will behold. Frank’s ambush style of fighting was fast paced and engaging. We had explosions, gunfire, and actual fires – what’s more American than that?

The Punisher series will premier late 2017 – tell us what you’d like to see!