Some cool Falcon and the Winter Soldier promo art has surfaced once more giving us a neat look at Bucky, Sam, and more importantly a look at one of the MCU’s newer factions, the Flag-Smashers. Check out the piece below!

For the uninitiated, Flag-Smasher is a Captain America villain created by Mark Gruenwald, whose work is the primary blueprint for the series. Flag-Smasher, in many ways, serves as the antithesis to Captain America’s patriotism. Flag-Smasher’s schtick is that he vehemently opposes nationalism and patriotism. With the US government gearing up to brandish their own version of Captain America, it makes sense for a character like Flag-Smasher to oppose that in the MCU. One big change, however, is that the moniker of Flag-Smasher in the MCU seems to be shared by multiple people hence the plural Flag-Smashers. Nonetheless, still pretty cool to see an obscure Cap character come to life in the MCU.

Source: Twitter