The highly-anticipated solo outing of Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow, has found its second lead character. Outlaw King star Florence Pugh is now in talks to join the film in a role being described as “a spy on the same level as Romanoff, likely her moral opposite.” If you remember a few weeks back, our friends at That Hashtag Show listed Pugh as one of the candidates being eyed for the role, along with the likes of Emma Watson.

The role Pugh is up for was originally described as a “kickass female Bond” by THS, which lines up with THR’s report, which a lot of fans are hoping to be Yelena Belova. Ned Benson was recently hired to do a major rewrite of the script so this role may have been retained all throughout the revisions. Moonlight star Andre Holland was another name attached to the villainous role of the film.

Source: THR