If The Defenders doesn’t end up as great as we hope it would be, the one guaranteed consolation for us is the amount of crossover we’ll see. We’re a sucker for them no matter how trivial. We absolutely loved it when our boi Turk Barrett made his way through Harlem or when Hogarth appeared in the final moments of Daredevil Season 2. Crossovers are a staple of comic books and The Defenders will be filled to brim with it. Case in point, this one moment we’ve been waiting for since their two respective shows took off; the meeting of Foggy Nelson and Luke Cage, which the Luke Cage Twitter account just put out.

Mind you, this clip may feel a little spoilery as it seemingly gives a bit of insight about how Luke got out of prison. Fans have long speculated just how Luke Cage will manage to find his way out of prison after the events of Luke Cage Season 1. Foggy offering the services of Hogarth, Chow and Benowitz with “starting over” hints that they may be involved in Luke’s release from Seagate. It’s a cool moment we wish they didn’t release this close to the show but then again it’s too short to ruin anything big for the show. We love our crossovers so this one is no exception.

What kind of other crossovers are you looking forward to next Friday? Turk Barrett v. Iron Fist anyone?