December 17, 2017. The day the Disney-Fox deal was announced. It seemed like forever when reports said the deal would take a whopping 18 months to fully take effect. Tomorrow at 12:02 AM, the 21st Century Fox acquisition by Disney will officially take effect, making it now legal for Marvel Studios to use the Fantastic Four and X-Men properties as they see fit. A cameo at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame from any of these characters is now a total possibility and so is an announcement for a new Fantastic Four movie slated ASAP.

Of course, if there one thing our lord and savior Kevin Feige is good at, it’s biding his time in favor for the long con. There’s no rush to introducing these highly-awaited characters. Feige has said repeatedly in the past year that the studio plans to carefully approach their future slate of films and take their time to develop and announce the right material as not to repeat the Phase 3 announcement back in 2014. Regardless of when we’ll see the Fantastic Four and X-men make their debut in the MCU, it’s truly exciting to know that they’re all home.

Source: 21st Century Fox