After months of fending off Comcast and and getting approval from the Department of Justice for the merger, Disney finally stands triumphant as Fox and Disney shareholders have voted ‘yes’ on Disney’s bid for 21st Century Fox assets. Now, while the deal is done, the merger isn’t. I was actually mistaken in my reading of the situation in my last article about this, as they’ll still need regulation approval globally, which I neglected to take into account or mention.

As I was rightly correctly by Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic when I brought it up, which according to him, the merger won’t be complete for at least a year. This actually is consistent with previous reports of the merger finishing around the Summer of next year. So, we’re still going to have to wait quite awhile until we can see the Fantastic Four and X-Men join this cinematic universe.

Since the deal itself is complete, no one else can swoop in to try and outbid Disney again like Comcast did, so from now until next year it’s just Disney finalizing the merger and getting regulatory approval around the globe. Disney has been well known for their use of the triangle trading strategy which some are saying is exactly what we are witnessing here with this deal, whether that will stand to be true remains to be seen.

Source: CNBC / Jeremy Conrad