Great news for fans of the classic Punisher look: The vest with his signature white skull painted on the front is back, and looking as awesome as ever in these The Punisher set photos for his upcoming second season. Like many fans, if you were getting tired of Frank in his “Pete Castiglione” look, the images below, of Frank with his typical haircut, clothes, and a vest full of bloody bullet holes, should be a joy. It also highlights what looks like quite a big shootout between Frank and some goons.

Despite pleasing most of the fandom and being received with mostly positive reviews from the critics, season one of The Punisher did disappoint a bit with its lack of Frank Castle’s iconic look. The vest is one of his trademarks in the comics and looked great in the second season of Daredevil. We did get a little bit of it near the end of Frank’s first solo outing, but it wasn’t nearly enough and left us wanting more. Of course, these images could be from one of the few moments we’ll get of his skull vest next year, but here’s to hoping we’ll have plenty.

The Punisher season 2 has no confirmed date to premiere as of today, but it is expected to drop early next year.