…at least that’s what I get from the new pictures that just surfaced courtesy of ComingSoon.net. Filming has been underway for the new Punisher series, starring Jon Bernthal as the title character, and set photos have been coming in and out from the production in New York.

In these latest batch of photos, we see Frank getting touchy with an officer as he steals his car. Frank may be the one putting down the bad guys, but that doesn’t mean he’s a saint (don’t steal a cop car, kids). It’s kinda weird considering how Frank has always been a protective force of law enforcement in the comics. The images don’t end with that. There are pictures of Frank charging on foot towards the police car and him throwing a brick. Maybe that cop is a crooked one and stole Frank’s coffee. Whatever the police officer did to offend Frank, he sure ruined his day.

We’ll update you guys on the legitimate source once we find it. In the meantime, have at it with these pictures. The Punisher is set to premiere on Netflix sometime this year.

Source: Coming Soon