Following the recent confirmation that most of the show has wrapped, some new The Punisher set photos have surfaced featuring a very tired-looking (as always) Frank Castle brandishing one of pop culture’s most iconic symbols on his bullet-hole ridden vest. And because these images are always from Getty, we can’t publish them here without being sued. Instead, peep ’em out in this link.

Other than the ginormous skull he uses to intimidate goobers and draw fire to his bulletproof vest, the other big thing to notice here is that Frank is seemingly back hanging out in the carousel. The site where he metaphorically died when his family was taken from him. There’s not much evidence as to who he’s facing there but we’re guessing someone from the show is probably involved with the massacre in Central Park. Rawlins maybe? Or perhaps Jigsaw had something to do with the Kitchen Irish? Regardless, those bullet holes on his vest and distraught look of rage on his face means whoever he’s looking at ain’t gonna breathe any longer. RIP to that person, whoever he/she is.

On a semi-unrelated note: how smart is the kevlar design in relation to the skull’s look? From the diagonal patches resembling an angry eye to the ammo pouches looking like teeth, it’s crazy how simple yet great this look is!

What do you think of the skull on his vest? Is it comically too big for your tastes? I’ve heard someone say that it’s too close to his neckline so some of you might share the same sentiments. Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Getty