2018 may be the year the number of unreliable Avengers 4 information peaked but 2017 was a goldmine for what now looks to be concrete information. Reports of departed and forgotten characters spotted on the set began in November of last year. Now, a casual reveal from Frank Grillo may have confirmed all those reports to be true. In a recent podcast, the Captain America star casually revealed that his character, the villainous Crossbones, would be returning in Avengers 4 in a flashback.

In the original report, a user from Reddit who was allegedly on the Atlanta set of Avengers 4 claimed to have spotted not only Crossbones but also Iron Man 3’s Harley Keener on set. The Reddit eyewitness also claimed to have information on just why these characters were being brought back. According to him/her, characters were being brought back in a flashback sequence involving Tony’s BARF tech as he demonstrates the tech to Harley. Coincidentally enough, Maximiliano Hernandez who played Jasper Sitwell was also spotted in the Atlanta set in the same period.

Source: We Got It Covered