Marvel Studios cannot get enough of Frank Grillo. While sitting down with Collider this week, Grillo confirmed that he will be reprising his role as the supervillain/nio-terrorist Crossbones through voice acting in Marvel Studios upcoming ’What If…?’. In the same interview, Grillo also dropped the news that he has recorded “four or five” episodes for the series with more possibly on the way.

The last we saw of Crossbones was in 2019’s Endgame when we follow our heroes to an alternate reality through the use of time travel. Prior to release of the film, most fans assumed this to be the case of Crossbones leaked return, given 2016’s Captain America: Civil War saw him meet his own demise.

What If? marks Frank Grillo’s fourth return to the roll and, un-surprisingly, this will once again be due to exploration of alternate realities. Announced earlier last year, the series follows suit of the Marvel Comics series of the same name, navigating the literal “what if’s” of MCU canon. Similarly to the comics these events will happen in an animated fashion. What is surprising, however, is the confirmation that Grillo claims to have recorded dialogue for multiple episodes. While we could expect to see him in an episode focused on Peggy Carter receiving the super soldier serum, it wouldn’t make much sense seeing him appear in any other recently teased episode. This could be evidence that we might actually see story arcs unfold over the course of multiple episodes instead of the expected ‘one and done’ format. Whatever the case, expect to see Grillo later this year streaming on Disney+.

Source: Collider