WARNING: Spoilers for Luke Cage ahead, read at your own risk.

As more and more people are delving into the story of Luke Cage, they are finding that the show revolves around so many more characters than just the titular hero. One of those characters being Frank Whaley‘s Detective Rafael Scarfe, Misty Knight’s partner who provided comic relief in the early episodes.

Scarfe provided one of the biggest twists of the entire series at the end of episode three, revealing that he works for Cottonmouth. What we didn’t know is that there is so much more to the man behind the character. Frank Whaley sat down with Hypable and The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the twist, his cast-mates, and his character.

The revelation of Scarfe’s true allegiances was a huge moment within the show, and no doubt left fans with their jaws on the floor. However, those of us watching the show weren’t the only ones surprised by the twist.

“We read the scripts when we were about to shoot them,” he reveals, “And people would be like, gasping, and like, “Aww, man!” Because they’re so well-written, you don’t see what’s coming… I think the audience will feel the same way when they’re watching it, probably even more so than when we were sitting at the table reads.”

So if you were caught off guard, don’t feel too bad, because several Marvel employees were just as shocked as you. Whaley also sang praise for his fellow cast-mates, especially Rosario Dawson.

“Rosario… is so talented, so intense,” he says. “It was great working with her… I can’t say enough about these people. I’ve been doing this for thirty years, this was like the best acting partners I’ve had. It was so exciting each day, coming to work.”

Lastly, for those who have seen the show in its entirety, you know that Scarfe makes a bit of a turn. Whaley was asked to address whether or not Scarfe is really a bad guy.

“That’s a good question. I don’t,” Whaley says. “And it’s not really my job to judge him like that. But I would say that he’s a very conflicted guy and probably has a lot of issues coming into the show with some stuff in his past that led him down that road. I know that he’s solid with his partner. I think he has a good heart. But I think there’s a dark side to him.”

“Maybe he’s a little bit greedy and bitter about certain things. But I think there’s good and evil in everyone. I don’t like to think of him as purely evil. None of that stuff that he does is justified, but I see his relationship with his partner and I think that, in the end, he feels horrible about betraying her and how the way things turned out.”

Playing such a complicated character gave Whaley an awesome opportunity to put his acting skills to the test, but it sounds like his experience on set was positive and absolutely worth the major twist!

“As an actor, it’s kind of a real challenge to play one thing and then have it turn into another. Fortunately — or unfortunately! — you never really knew week to week what’s gonna happen in this show.”

Scarfe was just one of many twists and turns in the 13-episodes of Luke Cage that are now available on Netflix. Were you surprised by Scarfe’s true allegiance, or did you see is coming? Sound off below!

Sources: Hypable and THR