Freeform is starting to rack up their Marvel programming as the Hulu hit series Runaways is set to make its way to the Disney-owned network this August, as part of Freeform’s new marketing partnership with Hulu. This move will be the first Marvel show on a streaming service to its episode on a cable network. Following the final episode of Cloak and Dagger, MCU fans who missed out on Runaways due to it being on Hulu will finally get to see a ragtag group of teens take on their evil parents.

One can only hope that Hulu’s partnership with Freeform will open more doors for potential crossovers. Fans of the Runaways comic know the original Brian K. Vaughan run brought the teens and Marvel’s OG runaways Cloak and Dagger together for a brief period of time. With the breakout success of both shows and the themes they somewhat share, it makes sense to bring both into the fold.

Source: CBR