One of the most asked questions surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just exactly what Ego the Living Planet will look like in human form. From the looks of these new additions to the Funko lines, it seems he’ll look an awful lot like…Kurt Russell.



Though it isn’t much, these give us our first look of any kind at Russell’s character who has been absent form both of the two looks general audiences have had at the film. The costume is a dead ringer for the one on display at SDCC and we can see that Russell will in fact be sporting a handsome beard which is entirely appropriate for a planet-made-human.

Just revealed: The Ego costume, played by Kurt Russell in @Guardians! #gotgvol2 #MarvelSDCC

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While the Ego DORBZ certainly makes Ego look like a the hap, hap, happiest father Peter Quill could ever imagine, I think that’s more of a function of what DORBZ are all about than it is what we might expect from Russell’s Ego in the film.

What do you guys make of these Funko products? If any of you out there are serious collectors and might by interested in reading more about MCU-related collectibles here at MCU Exchange, sound off and we will see what we can do!