While Finn Jones was teasing an upcoming reveal for a season two of Iron Fist at Puerto Rico Comic-Con, visitors of Pheonix Comic-Con were able to meet Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s very own Ghost Rider, Gabriel Luna. With people hoping for the possibility of a spin-off that will feature the Spirit of Vengeance, many wondered if we will one day see the return of Johnny Blaze, who made a surprising cameo in an episode of SHIELD. Besides highlighting interest in a potential Thunderbolts TV show with Punisher actor, Jon Bernthal, he also revealed his personal hopes for the future of the MCU’s version of the character.

During a Q&A, he answered a variety of questions with one being who he would love to see play one of the most famous incarnations of Ghost Rider, who was once portrayed by Nicolas Cage. His top choice was The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. The actor certainly would be able to bring something interesting to the table. Luna has pointed out that he would love a potential storyline that would offer a closer look at the connection these two characters share thanks to the spirit that has taken over their bodies.

What is interesting to note is that in an Uproxx interview back in 2016, the actor has expressed his interest to portray the character. Reedus has shown a strong affinity for motorcycles not only through his character in The Walking Dead, but also through his show Ride With Norman Reedus. It would be quite interesting to explore a story that builds upon the teased upon deal that Reyes made with the spirit, which could potentially be him searching a return to his former host. A cross-country road trip would be quite an interesting take for a show on Netflix that builds upon some familiar elements with other biker shows like Sons of Anarchy. 

What is your take? Would you want to see Norman Reedus take over as Johnny Blaze?

Source: Omega Underground, Uproxx