Tomorrow night’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is sure to be a big one as it’ll bring us the Marvel Cinematic Universe origin story for Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider, played by actor Gabriel Luna. The episode, which airs tomorrow on ABC, is titled “The Good Samaritan” and was written by one of the show’s executive producers, Jeffrey Bell. With Bell penning the episode, and Luna proving to be a big part of this season on S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s a given that the series will give his character their own unique spin on his origin story.

Taking some time to speak with the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, Luna teased what fans can expect from “The Good Samaritan”, as well as what surprised him most from the show’s take on Reyes’ origin.

As we learned in last week’s episode, Robbie found out that the shooting that ultimately claimed his life was the result of a hit. With that knowledge, how far can we expect Robbie to go in his search for answers? According to Luna, we can expect to learn the answers as to how it all went done, but the answers as to why it all happened may end up coming a bit later.

GABRIEL LUNA: The Fifth Street Loco — who was the last loose strand that’s out there in terms of that gang, because at this point, Ghost Rider has completely snuffed out the entire gang — but before I hand down my judgment on him, he clues me in to what actually went down. The fact that it wasn’t just random, it was a hit, somebody ordered that, these guys were just the guys who carried it out — there’s a whole batch of new questions that Robbie has after that. In episode 6, we’re going to find out exactly how it happened, and we may find out why later.

Seeing that this is a Marvel property, it’s pretty much a given that much of the episode and the details surrounding Ghost Rider’s origin will remain a secret until tomorrow night, but that doesn’t mean Luna can’t tease us just a tiny bit. Luna promises that fans of the Reyes version of Ghost Rider will see hints of Felipe Smith’s origin from the comics worked in with a special S.H.I.E.L.D. twist.

I can definitely say that there’s some wonderful elements of Felipe Smith’s original origin story mixed in with this new angle that we’re approaching from, but that new angle still draws from the source material. It still draws from this really, really great moment in the latter half of that first run of the All-New Ghost Rider that I won’t say too much about. The way that we fuse these two elements of the existing story together and to this moment, this origin story moment, is pretty phenomenal. We went all out trying to do it justice in terms of the stunts, the effects, the CGI. Everything that was put into this episode is just phenomenal.

As to what surprise him the most about the episode? For Luna, it was all about how his character was forced to share what led to him becoming the Ghost Rider.

The way I’m forced to reveal it is really, really great. It’s actually told through my memories that I’m sharing for the first time with my brother. Gabe, for the first time, hears this story. That’s a really interesting and powerful scene that I really enjoyed doing with Lorenzo Henrie. We’re in a very confined space for this whole scene, and it’s intercut with this retelling of the origin, which is — I can’t state it enough — really, really going to be amazing. I can’t wait.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays on ABC at 10 PM EST. Be sure to tune in!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.