The world is still waiting anxiously for the release of the Avengers 4 trailer and title. Rumors have been hinting at a release around the end of November and beginning of December, so it is just a question of time until we finally witness what happens after Thanos snapped his finger and destroyed half the universe. It has slightly overshadowed the first release of 2019 which will introduce the world to Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers. The release is only a few months away and it seems that some reshoots are still underway, as actress Gemma Chan has tweeted herself back in costume for Captain Marvel.

It will be interesting to see what exactly they might add to the film and how large Gemma Chan‘s role will be, as the first official stills showed her as part of Carol Danvers’ Kree squad. Perhaps we get a “Traitor” sequence between her and Danvers after realizing she decided to help out the human race rather than the people she believed to be her friends. It will be interesting to see the character dynamics as Captain Marvel goes through her own change throughout the film. To help build upon the hype for Marvel Studios’ first female-led film, they also released a countdown, we are only 100 days away from the film’s official release.

This could be a sign that we might also get a Captain Marvel trailer in December, as they start kicking their marketing into overdrive for the film’s release. It is their first female-led film so they will have quite a campaign planned for the film, especially as we near the film’s release. She will have a major role in Avengers 4 so they will certainly highlight her role in that film as well, especially how she will interact with the other Avengers. Here’s hoping we get those new trailers soon!

What are your hopes for Captain Marvel? When do you expect the second trailer to be released?

Source: Twitter

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