The Falcon and the Winter Soldier isn’t only anticipated for being the continuation of the Captain America legacy post-Endgame but also to see the return of franchise characters we haven’t seen in a while. We know that Emily Van Camp and Daniel Bruhl are both returning but now, we can add George St. Pierre to that list as evidenced by these new set photos. We first heard that Batroc was returning last March.

We can’t actually host the photos without getting sued but you can check them all out here!

The photos are nothing too exciting but the fact that we can see the legendary GSP don that purple vest onset amazing enough. The set photos also provide a look at Sharon Carter, who’s wearing a fancy power suit of her own. Just from that outfit, it kinda seems like she’s dressed as a VIP. I wonder if she’s been promoted to a higher position. You also have a look at Desmond Cham, who is reportedly playing one of the villains in the show.

Source: Just Jared